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Life is always changing. Sometimes we like the changes. Sometimes we don’t.  We can resist or go with the flow. No matter what we decide, or don’t decide, life happens. It will either make us bitter or better, we choose! Most of the changes that happen in our life are greatly influenced by what we do daily, whether we want to realize it or not. How we handle situations we encounter determines the richness of our life.

Life is too short to be constantly stressed, sick, and angry. I made a commitment to make a conscious effort to choose life, adventure, healing, and love. Times of transition call out for new connections and experiences. This journey is about breaking down the walls of perfectionism, anxiety, fear, and depression; one post at a time.

You will never get anywhere worthwhile if you straddle the fence. Take a risk or leap of faith… you’ll never know if you never try. We only get one chance, one shot at this life… make it count. The grass is never greener on the other side. I promise. If it is, it’s fake grass.

About the Author

Hello There!

I go by BeBe:

with Little Elephant Office

I am a Writer. Entrepreneur. Student. Photographer. Optimist. Lover of animals, mostly dogs, working out, and healthy foods!

26 years young. Born in Eugene, Oregon. Raised in sunny San Diego, California.

I love the Lord. Without Him, I would not be here today. I am a survivor. I continue to diligently work through each day to overcome anxiety, depression, and PTSD. My passion for writing and creating art has carried me through some of the toughest times in my life. I want to be an inspiration to other people and share my journey as a source of encouragement; I focus on being a light in the darkness. With a little bit of courage, big changes will happen.

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