The Time is Now…10 Reasons Why You Should.

A year from now you may wish you had started today!

(said Karen Lamb, a famous author).

That couldn’t be any truer.


I started this blog exactly two years ago. Interesting how two years later, in the same month I started the blog, I decide to not let perfectionism hold me back any longer and continue where I left off. I never stopped writing. I have hundreds of OneNote pages saved as drafts and unraveled ideas because I always thought they weren’t quite perfect enough.

Oh, where I would be today if I went a step beyond and not only started… but continued. My version of the quote would say:

A year from now you may wish you had started today… and not given up for any reason until it was finished.

We cannot let these things hold us back though. Just because I wish I would have stuck with it, I did not. I can’t change the past or dwell on the missed opportunities. I can, however, start right now, right here, with what I have and continue strong so in another year from now, I am not looking back wishing I would have started today.

In a year from now, what will you wish you would have started today?
What is holding you back from starting today?

Overcome the excuses your mind presents to you because:

(1) You are worth it
(2) You only have this one life to live
(3) We are meant to live outside our comfort zone
(4) Without challenges, we do not grow
(5) There are more reasons to do it than not
(6) The satisfaction from actually materializing thoughts and desires into something obtainable and tangible is a huge confidence boost
(7) You will be more productive since you beat procrastination and showed it who’s boss (8) You will find inspiration to do more than you ever expected
(9) Doors you never even knew existed will be opened up to you
and finally, although there are many more reasons to start today,
(10) You will be the motivation and inspiration another person around you needs in order to also start today and conquer their fears which hold them back!

♥ Stay true my friends, until next time! ♥ 


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