Spiked My Heart

via Daily Prompt: Spike

P1000523 (2)

The news spiked my heart with a piercing pain.
As if not enough, it began to rain
A slippery slope, I was sure to stray
I’ll never forget that cold winter day

They said to me, my dearest love lay slain
How could it be, the tears, would not restrain
It gets easier, day by day they say
Yet every day, the sun shines bleakly gray

All alone, on this planet I remain
To fight the day and trudge through the mundane
I get mad at how you left me here bay
I don’t want to shrivel up then decay

Though those dreams now, I may never obtain
With my love gone, what left, is there to gain?
I still smile since I’ll see you someday
With you, I’ll jump for joy and fly away

Occasionally, it’s stuck in my brain
From dwelling on you, I try to abstain
Press ahead and don’t visit yesterday
Then discover rest and peace when I pray.


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