It’s Not You, It’s Them!

As a server in the food industry for ten years now, I have come across a ton of different people.

Some kind. Some mean. Some entitled. Some very quiet. Some loud. Some polite. Some downright nasty. Some arrogant. Some humble. Some naive. Some encouraging. 

It is always entertaining and educating.

At the end of the day, everyone is different. I like different. What breaks my heart is mean, rude people. I am a server. I am serving you. I am your servant from the minute you enter in and take a seat. I am also another human being. I make mistakes. The cooks who cook your food sometimes makes mistakes and forget to put that extra mayo you wanted on your burger. Or they put an onion slice on top of the salad when you asked for no onions. Point is, everyone makes mistakes. Is that any reason to treat someone so poorly? Absolutely not.

Mean People in Public

Just the other day I had a woman completely lose it on me and raise her voice while making very insulting remarks…meanwhile, half the diners were just staring. She asked for mayo and it wasn’t on the burger. I like to get what I ask for also. However, if I don’t get it, I ask nicely for a side of mayo or ask the server to have them fix it and put it on the burger since they must have missed that memo. No biggie.  A lady in another booth stopped me and said,

“You know when someone treats you like that, it’s them, not you. She is probably upset with her own life and you are an easy target to take her frustration, anger, and stress out on, keep your head up.”

There Is Always Two Sides

On the flip side. I agree not every server is meant to be serving. Some servers bring their attitudes to work with them which is equally wrong. I always pray for revitalized customer service since I have seen a steady decline in the way people treat others, especially in customer service and the food industry.

Next Time You Are Out

Not all servers are equal, so keep your mind open when you go out to eat next and take note of the attitude, attention, and skill of the person serving you.

When, and if, you get a great server/waiter/waitress, who goes above and beyond for you, genuinely cares and takes the time to make your experience and day better, show your appreciation. Servers work hard. We have a ton of duties to do in the background diners don’t get to see- servers are fabulous multitaskers.

If you get a server with a bad attitude, maybe leave them a nice note… If you get a rockstar server, possibly leave an extra few bucks or more to reward them. We need to reward those good servers while enlightening the poor servers they need to step their game up. But do not fight fire with fire. It is a losing battle that breeds only more hatred and unkindness.

Together We Can

We need to come together to be a more engaging generation. While in a restaurant, or while ordering, or while food is being delivered to the table, get off your phones. Please. Let’s start respecting the people we come in contact with. Especially the ones serving you. Even more the ones who love you. Families… we need a revival, it starts with parents interacting with their kids, especially at the dinner table. Parents set the tone for the children. Let us raise up respectful, attentive, caring youth who will make us proud in generations to come. Together we can! 

Life Lesson Here

If someone treats you poorly, do not take it personally. It is only a reflection of them, not you. Some people are in a very unhappy state of life, so they do not have the capability of being kind to others around them. We need to pray for those mean unhappy people when we encounter them. Give them a friendly smile. Never return rudeness with rudeness. If you are that unhappy person, there are steps to take back control of your life so you can start to feel happy and in control of your life. It doesn’t happen on accident though, it is a daily commitment with small adjustments that lead to big changes. Are you ready to make a commitment to make a change in your life for the better? It is always time for life changes!


I have been through many different types of situations, some very difficult, tough, challenging, fun, awesome, inspiring, and best of all, thought provoking. I like to share what I am currently learning about or discovering, so drop me a comment 🙂

♥ Stay true my friends, until next time! ♥ 


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