Keep It Simple

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Keep It Simple



It rings in my head

minimal is what they call it

yet far from negligible I admit

Now when I wake I am far from dead

Because I’ve simplified this life skit

Some tips are tough, but don’t throw a fit

Rather know now than be mislead

I’m not talking perfection, we’re all a little misfit

Remember rather now or later, in the end, we all submit

Save yourself some pain and learn while you’re ahead

Even if you’re wise and have a lot of wit

Cluttering life is like digging an endless misery pit

So be a minimalist and keep it simple instead

Keep Life Simple: A Minimalist Approach

If you are anything like me, at times life can get a little out of hand on the excessive side. Products and papers pile up on the table, an ever growing to-do list seems to get longer by the day, while all those different tasks clamor for immediate attention.

Some things we must face and deal with each and every day, like a to-do list, the laundry (hopefully not ever single day, but sure does feel like it), keeping track of finances and bills, but there are other things in life we need to simplify today. Things such as relationships in our lives.

The best lesson I have learned thus far is how to be alone and not need relationships in my life that do not make me better as a person. I see adults ranging from young to old, in unhealthy relationships that are laced with anger, grief, fighting, shame, and toxicity, yet they stay, maybe because they do not want to be alone. Life is too short, too precious, and too beautiful to spend our days bickering with someone we are not even married to! Being single, it can be tempting to hang out with every person I meet that wants to hang out, like I used to do. I know where that path leads already. It is a lonely, cold path. Most of the relationships pulled me further and further astray from my goals and dreams, just like a lot of people I see and meet these days.

Minimal toxic relationships = minimal stress = better overall life quality

Maximum healthy relationships = minimal stress + joy = better overall life quality 

Don’t get me wrong here, relationships are needed and can enhance life dramatically. Unfortunately, we live in a day and age where relationships get so twisted up we don’t know whether we’re coming or going.


It doesn’t matter if it is a best friend from the second grade, or a friend you just met last week, if after spending time together you feel further away from your goals or upset because of the way they treated you or something they always do that steps over your boundaries… create distance or run! I always felt like other people were my responsibility, to take care of emotionally and ensure I stayed there friend to not hurt them, but I have learned that is not my responsibility, and it is not your responsibility either. You are your responsibility. They are their responsibility. Learn to take care of yourself first, not nurture relationships that bring you harm and grief.

A Few Good Tips:

  1. Learn to be alone. Instead of always surrounding yourself with people, purposefully spend time alone, just sitting with your own thoughts or doing something you enjoy. You will learn a lot.  

  2. Love your alone time, spend it wisely to enhance your personal life: read, draw, pray, go for a walk, exercise, cook a new food, dance, spend time with pets.   

  3. Focus on creating healthy relationships with the minimal amount of people.

  4. If a relationship is unhealthy, figure out the best way to drop it immediately. Do not waste any more time. Not speaking to those who are married… that’s a different story. 

  5. Tackle the daily stuff, daily. If that pile of paperwork needs to be filed, file it. If the laundry needs to be put away, put it away (as difficult as that sounds, you’ll feel better, I promise). If a phone call needs to be made, make it. Tomorrow will never come. Now is the moment, now is the time!

♥ Stay true my friends, until next time! ♥ 


2 thoughts on “Keep It Simple

  1. 🙂 I write from the heart! It can be difficult sometimes to take a step back from relationships to see what exactly is going on, but if we allow ourselves to do so, we can really put things into perspective to see what the healthiest decision is for us. Glad you enjoyed, thank you!


  2. This seemed to me an imagery from my own beliefs. Thank you for this article. This is all that I’ve always believed and much like you, I were in a misconception to consider people as responsibilities but I’ve eventually discovered to dodge them and cut off negativity! A brilliant article indeed. 😊


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