The Time is Now…10 Reasons Why You Should.

A year from now you may wish you had started today! (said Karen Lamb, a famous author). That couldn't be any truer. PERFECTIONISM IS A DREAM KILLER, ACTIVITY STEALER. I started this blog exactly two years ago. Interesting how two years later, in the same month I started the blog, I decide to not let … Continue reading The Time is Now…10 Reasons Why You Should.

It’s Not You, It’s Them!

As a server in the food industry for ten years now, I have come across a ton of different people. Some kind. Some mean. Some entitled. Some very quiet. Some loud. Some polite. Some downright nasty. Some arrogant. Some humble. Some naive. Some encouraging.  It is always entertaining and educating. At the end of the … Continue reading It’s Not You, It’s Them!

Free to Be – No Labels Here

via Daily Prompt: Label Label Don't label me innocent when you see the clean hands I've committed this crime one too many times. So your body and face I already scanned A label slapped on your forehead yet it's so sublime  Find a way to climb to climb your way out of the judgment band … Continue reading Free to Be – No Labels Here

Change your thinking, Change your life!

The Trap of the Enemy  I went through years trapped in a negative mindset. It robbed me of my joy, daily. Anytime I looked in the mirror, all I could hear were negative thoughts screaming for attention. I fed the negative thoughts and let them run rampant. I would pinpoint everything I hated about myself. … Continue reading Change your thinking, Change your life!